How Women’s Fitness Differs From Men’s

Women’s fitness differs from men’s fitness like night differs from day. Therefore, achieving the fitness level desired requires a different approach. The main difference lies in the fact that men have an abundance of the male hormone testosterone, while women have an abundance of the female hormone estrogen.

Muscle Building

Men use weight training to put on muscle, but women can use weight training to tone and shape those muscles, add firmness and get tons of energy. Weight training for both men and women will help to develop a healthier heart with tougher connective tissue. Women will also benefit from protection against osteoporosis, which frequently becomes a problem post-menopause – something men do not have to worry about.


Metabolism is one way in which women differ from men in the fitness world. A man will burn more calories even when setting still than a woman will, so men lose weight with less exercise. Women have the upper hand over men when it comes to flexibility and stretching routines like Pilates and yoga.

Body Fat

Most men, when it comes to a vigorous workout, tend to work hard on the upper body, whereas women tend to work hard on the legs and buttocks. Women tend to have less muscle mass and more flexibility as compared to men, and hence have more body fat. Men, on the other hand, are less flexible because of their body structure and tend to have less fat.

Fitness Clothing

Something that might encourage women and men to get to the gym or out in the great outdoors is comfortable, flattering and long lasting men fitness clothes and women’s fitness clothes and shoes. Nice fitting clothes help a woman feel good and will keep you dry, relaxed and supported during the workouts. One way to put a stop to a good workout for either men or women is chafing, binding and pinching, so fitness clothes are a must have.


Women and men have very different fitness goals. A women’s fitness goal is to lose weight, a man’s fitness goal is to add more muscle mass. Men tend to think short-term; women tend to think long-term, even in the fitness world. Not only do women want to look good, but they also want to feel healthier.

After a hard day’s workout at the gym or in the great outdoors, settle down with your favorite fitness magazine. If you do not yet have one, go on line or to your local department or bookstore and find one. They will not only provide support and encouragement, they will also give you ideas for how you and your male workout partner can benefit from each other.

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