Hydration and Weight Control

To reach the ideal weight our body must function properly and hydration plays a major role for the good performance because water is the major component of the body. Proportion should mantain so the body’s functions runs normally, from the skin hydratation until last step of the metabolism.

Is important to clarify that water doesnt bring any calories. However there are persons that are not used to drink water just because doesn’t like to drink it and this can lead to them to not acquire the ideal quantity to drink , advised in 8 to 10 glasses daily. Some persons prefer to drink water as Soda or Gasified Water, however the restriction of those presentations is that the ingestion is limited due the satisfaying sensation done by the gas.

With workout is inevitable the liquid loss, action that can be increased if the environment temperature is high. The recommendation is recover that liquid lost by drinking a glass of water for each 15 to 20 minutes of workout.

About food, is reccomended to pay speacial attention to the diet because the estimated water requirement is around 1cc of water for 1calorie of daily diet; if the diet base is around 2000 calories the requirement goes around 2 liters of water. The requirement may slightly vary because it should be taken into account the liquid lost by transpiration, what can be based on body consitution, weather temperature and other factors.

So for your hydration we advise the following points:

  • Choose natural or mineral water for hydration. Sometimes because of force of habit, people does not drink it, however water is the best choice.
  • Keep always a bottle of water on your workplace and drink it before noon.
  • Spread the water drinking into several bottles instead of drink it all in a single bottle. That helps to avoid the sensation of laziness that might begin with the idea of drinking a large amount of water for all day (at once).
  • Keep always hydrated. The thirst sensation by itself is a warning that body alerts to you that you are already dehydrated. Is wise to drink before you feel thirsty.
  • Drink the major amount of water outside the meals  because accompanying the might lead to digestino problems.

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